Fire goddess Rituals

Fire Goddess Ritual
In Hawaii, there is a story passed down from the Shamans called the Bowl of Light. It teaches us that we are all born with a bowl filled with light, which if tended to can develop into a strong source of life energy. However, over time our bowls can get polluted with “rocks,” taking the form of burdens, expectations, and baneful emotions, dimming our light and weighing down our bowl.

We all want to release that which no longer serves us or our higher selves. Through ritual, prayer, and meditation we have the tools to release suffering, physical and emotional trauma, self-doubt, anger, and fear.

When we create ceremony we rise above our mundane everyday selves and connect with the Divine spark that lives within each and every one of us.

This simple ritual has been devised to connect you with three Fire Goddesses, Brigid, Freya and Hestia, to help you to clear some “rocks” from your Bowl of Light. The Element of Fire burns away all that is old and outdated, Fire transforms one state of matter into another, Fire purifies and empowers.

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